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The revival of William Morris and Ziegler Design Carpets has been a revolution in the carpet trade in the 21st Century.

William Morris was well known for his Wall Papers, Fabrics and Carpet in London into the 20th Century and today combined the skills of Persian weavers into his own unique style in a village in Sultanabad is where it all began.

We believe he not only personally designed and chose the colors of the carpets made there but travelled the long distance in those days to oversee his Master Pieces become one of the most sought after even today.

Although it is difficult to find an original William Morris Carpet in good condition or at a price affordable his hard work did not loose their appeals post his passing in the late 1890’s. As he had very good decorator’s working with him they continued his legacy till the 1920’s when maybe because of the depression or other reasons the production came to a halt.

The revival started more than 20 years ago in Pakistan and few surrounding regions that were keen to adapt to making these open field, light colors and flowing styles of William Morris which even showed in his wall papers come to life again and since then they have only gotten better and better!

Made with Hand-Spun Wool on a Cotton Base this has a slight silky satiny feel on the surface due to the lanolin of the wool and the use of vegetables, nuts, madder and other natural dyes have their natural oils thus it brought out an elegance that was well received by the world over and hasn’t lost its appeal even after many decades still continues to fill Dining Rooms, Living Rooms, Commercial and Hotels Spaces, and Restaurants and we see a continuity for a very long time to come.

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