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Balouch rugs are tribal hand-woven rugs made in the southern part of Iran by nomadic Balouch tribes. The majority of Balouch rugs are woven in the province Sistan-Baluchistan, which sits on the extreme Southeast boundaries of Iran. A lot of Balouch rugs also come out of Iran's vast province of Khorassan which is just to the north.
The Balouch people are very kind and simple and weave these rugs mainly to express themselves and follow an ancient Persian tradition, which dates back thousands of years. Colors of Balouch rugs are usually predominantly a rich burgundy with some very dark navy blue and accents of ivory. They frequently have either an overall pattern, or a prayer rug design. Any Balouch Persian rug is one of a kind and has absolutely no duplicates anywhere in the world.
Balouch is the title of several tribes, a small number of which live in the Republic of Turkmenistan. The Baluchis speak Baluchi, which is a West Iranian language of the Indo-European family of languages that has been influenced by the eastern Iranian dialects. It has two branches of northern (Sorhadi) and southern (Makrani) Baluchis. The Iranian Balouch tribes are divided into a number of clans. The most important are the Bameri, Balideh, Bozorgzadeh, Riggi, Sardaar Zaie, Shahbakhsh, Lashari, Mobaraki, Mir Morad Zaie, Naroyee, Nooshsiravani, and Barohooyee, Baram-Zehi, and Shir-Khanzayee tribes.
A few tribes in the Sistan area are also regarded as Baluch, but they speak Sistani. The language is an abandoned dialect of Persian. The notable ones of these tribes are: Sarbandi, Shahraki, Sargazi, Zamir-Farsyoon, Mir-Arab and Sanjarani."
The characters of the carpets in these are particularly different from the Afghan Balouch in which the Iranian ones are much finer in knotting and design. Afghan Balouchis have a much more distinct Prayer-Rug design whereas ones with stylized animals in a prayer rug would normally be for decorative use rather than praying.

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