Bakhtiar is a region South-West of Isfahan and are settled Tribes in the Province of Chahar Mahal rather than the Nomadic Bakhtiari Tribe who lived further west.
Many of the carpets are made by Armenians, Kurd among others and are famous for their Panel Design Carpets known also as the Garden of Paradise with each box containing a different view of garden scenery with Birds, Trees, summer houses etc forming the major center point of the carpet.
The wool used is not as fine as you see in other carpets but nevertheless is hand-spun and depending on the knots of the carpets it is a high definition carpet as the design needs to be crisp and clear so the Chahal Shotur as they are known are always of good quality.
Another design you will also see is the Medallion Bakhtiar which were very elegant and finely made which are rare to find today using the same type of colors there would be some resemblance to the Kashan/Isfahan styles with flowing wine leaves and stylized flowers which made it elegant and rich and were known as the Royal Bakhtiar as they were mainly commissioned to be made for many a royalty or dignitaries.
Vegetable Colors were used In the old days and are mainly Rust, Indigo Blue, Greens and Yellow and of course white.

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