The Mahi, from the city of Tabriz, is one of the most elegant carpets in the world. It shows very small silk-lined fish, almost a paisley pattern, scattered neatly throughout the many borders and medallions of the carpet. The tiny flowers and border details are also outlined in silk, and the wool is usually of the finest 'Kurk'. The magic of a Mahi, especially in the higher KPSI, is in the subtle color ranges of each piece, from beiges to brown, black or navy to grey, and every shade of green. This incredible symphony of color in each carpet allows it to blend easily into the most challenging interior, giving the Mahi its nickname of 'the Designer's carpet'..

Tabriz is probably the most prolific carpet-producing center in the world, and certainly one of the oldest. This enchanted city was established more than a thousand years ago. After many invasions, occupations and wars, Tabriz took the ancient techniques of the past and created a huge rug-exporting industry. The finest era of Persian rug weaving was the Safavid Dynasty (1499 - 1722), when the Safavids overthrew the Turks who had occupied Tabriz. They gave the city one of the first Royal workshops, making it the artistic center of Persian culture. In spite of all the later conquests and political restructurings, Tabriz managed to keep these ancient traditions alive.

Today, many rugs produced in Tabriz emulate the artistic heritage of the Persian Safavid carpet, and when a designer in any part of the world wants to commission a certain pattern to be hand-woven, Tabriz is the city that he visits. Attesting to their pride in producing fine carpets with elaborate carpet's border Tabriz Naqsheh is the ultimate in formality and sophistication. The materials used for the pile of these rugs are wool, silk, or a combination of the two. A beautiful blend of fine Kurk wool and silk highlights are found in older Tabriz, with wool only used in those of average quality foundation. The only rugs that can be compared with a fine Tabriz are Isfahans, Kashans, Kermans, Qums, and Nains.

The Tabriz is made in The Main City of Tabriz by (name) with 300-500average knot counts on Cotton base with fine wool pile to match and Silk Highlights.

The Older Carpets would have been commissioned by an affluent person and the weaver would have been rewarded handsomely for his work.

The years gone by have not changed the structure or elegance of this design and has continued to be one of the most sought after carpets throughout the centuries.

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