Kashan I

A typical red and blue carpet. One of the most popular in floral designs ever made from every carpet weaving centre of this world. A formal carpet with utmost elegance due to its colors and richness in design.
Mainly wool on cotton base with some being made with silk in the older days where they were solely done for royalty and the master weavers of Kashan took the pride of this town just north of Mei-Meh to the masses and made it a much sought after piece and the qualities that they produced were outstanding.
As in most carpets the age is of an importance since there was a time when some of the best craftsmen existed and a period where time was never an issue, People in Kashan have a laid back attitude, since they made some of the larger pieces which at times took 15-25 month depending on the actual size you couldn’t hurry them as the quality would suffer.
A trading hub of Iran lots of carpets come through here as it’s in the centre just west of Nain and for most tribesmen coming from the north and west was a trading platform of their products especially after the end of winter, In spring the roads are cleared from heavy snows and they start their journey and bring what they have done during the cold and sometimes harsh winters.
All carpets have to be individually judged for it quality, color and age and so whether it’s new or old it’s what attracts about these pieces is they go with any kind of style or setting.
As modernization started to come into place and the new generation not only of Kashan but many of the carpet weaving world’s began leaving their villages, tribes to study and for the betterment of their lives but at the same time art of weaving was also becoming difficult to pass on.

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