American Sarouk

Well renowned for its recognition of having graceful elegance, color and fine silky wool the “American Sarouk “ from the Province of Arak which were specifically made for the American Markets. Wool on Cotton base with natural colors and flowing design made these much sought after pieces of the of the 19th and 20th century. The artisans of that period were commissioned to make 100’s of these pieces for export and most of them or what’s left of them were of extremely good quality and heavy in weight due to the strong construction of the base which is the structure of the whole carpet to dyeing the wool with the natural products like Indigo, Madder, Pomegranate, nuts, leafs among many other products sourced locally. The knotting was not exceptionally fine and need not have been as the fine wool and great craftsmanship made the design elegant with the flowers in a ornate vase in many of them which with every piece was different. Today we can find some pieces from that era and apparently they still survived many years of use and good condition of these pieces speaks of affluent people, Palaces, Stately Homes or private collectors have kept them well away from sunlight and heavy foot traffic.

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