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Extra Fine Old Isfahan
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Extra Fine Silk Qum 4
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Fine Isfahan
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Fine Nain 1
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Fine Nain Tree of Life
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Fine Persian Nain
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Gabbeh 1
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Old Fine Bijar
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Old Fine Hereke Silk
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Old Qum SIlk
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Persian Large Size
Saddle Bags
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Silk Qum
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Silk Qum
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Tribals Rugs
Vintage Collection

A twist from the William Morris styles, carpets are repeatedly over dyed using a whole spectrum of Eco friendly Vegetable dyes which started a new revolution in carpets known as POP ART. This has taken off in the past 10 years and will keep being one of the most interesting collaborations ever done between Interior Designers/Decorators with only reputable manufacturers capable and their expertise in the art of dying and soaking the entire carpet bringing new life and look to carpets.


The mostly Consists of Carpets with small designs of flowers, birds, village children dressed In their national dresses repeated over the entire field with a medallion in the middle usually on a cream or red background.

It is a small town between Isfahan and Shiraz and it seems to pull the fineness of Isfahan and the tribal look of Shiraz without being over powering and stands out on its own with its family look design which apart from the knots which can vary from weaver to weaver stuck to their tradition time and again.

American Sarouk

Well renowned for its recognition of having graceful elegance, color and fine silky wool the “American Sarouk “ from the Province of Arak which were specifically made for the American Markets. Wool on Cotton base with natural colors and flowing design made these much sought after pieces of the of the 19th and 20th century.

Anatolian Turkish

Turkey has some very simple yet bold geometric design carpets consisting of navy blue, deep reds, natural beige and in some pieces greens and orange.

Antique American Saruk A
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Antique Isfahan
Antique Kashan A
Antique Kashan D
Antique Kashan F
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Antique Royal Bakhtiar
Antique Shirvan

Bakhtiar is a region South-West of Isfahan and are settled Tribes in the Province of Chahar Mahal rather than the Nomadic Bakhtiari Tribe who lived further west.
Many of the carpets are made by Armenians, Kurd among others and are famous for their Panel Design Carpets known also as the Garden of Paradise with each box containing a different view of garden scenery with Birds, Trees, summer houses etc forming the major center point of the carpet.

Bakhtiar A
Bakhtiar B
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Bamboo Silk

Designer Rugs- Hand Spun Bamboo Silk

Contemporary Designers A
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Contemporary Designs
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Designer Modern-BN-Grey

100% Bamboo Silk

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Djoshaghan Mei-Meh
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Extra Fine Silk Qum 2
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Extra Fine Silk Qum 3
Extra Fine Wool Senneh
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Fine Bijar

Village rugs from the Fars region in southern Iran. The simplicity of its geometric design and minimalist colors have made these very coarse yet fine wool naturally dyed carpets a must have since they began making them in the 1930-50’s with such vibrancy in colors it made these the favorite of the cold harsh winters with its plush thick piles.

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Gabbeh 9

A region in western Iran where as many as a thousand villages here are making one sort of a carpet or another. Everyone has a style, color and design they are proud of. Many of them are coarse as they are mainly used by the locals but the ethnicity of this place showed more than its simplicity which over time from their thick plush pile some 50-70 years of use brought out the elegance in these sought after pieces.

Hereke Turkey Green Gold Thread
Hereke – Turkey

Apart from the Qum carpets of Iran, Hereke and Kayseri carpets are arms in arm with their Iranian counterpart and some of the best pieces were the Kum Kapi, impossible to find and even if you did the price would be astronomical today. The best place to see this part of Turkish history would be at the Topkapi Museum where the original and some of the finest examples are.

Heriz A
Heriz B
Heriz C
Heriz D
Heriz E
Indus Collection

The revival of William Morris and Ziegler Design Carpets has been a revolution in the carpet trade in the 21st Century.

William Morris was well known for his Wall Papers, Fabrics and Carpet in London into the 20th Century and today combined the skills of Persian weavers into his own unique style in a village in Sultanabad is where it all began.

We believe he not only personally designed and chose the colors of the carpets made there but travelled the long distance in those days to oversee his Master Pieces become one of the most sought after even today.

Indus Collection A
Indus Collection B
Indus Collection C
Indus Collection D
Indus Collection E
Indus Collection F
Indus Collection G
Indus Collection H
Indus Collection I
Indus Collection J
Indus Collection K
Indus Collection L
Indus Collection M
Indus Collection N
Indus Collection O
Indus Collection R
Indus Collection V
Indus Collection W
Kashan A
Kashan B
Kashan C
Kashan D
Kashan E
Kashan F
Kashan I

A typical red and blue carpet. One of the most popular in floral designs ever made from every carpet weaving centre of this world. A formal carpet with utmost elegance due to its colors and richness in design.
Mainly wool on cotton base with some being made with silk in the older days where they were solely done for royalty and the master weavers of Kashan took the pride of this town just north of Mei-Meh to the masses and made it a much sought after piece and the qualities that they produced were outstanding.

Kashan II

One of the best weavers before the second world war came from here and is well known for it fine carpets for many hundreds of years. Recognized the world over as many of them were exported to US and Europe and trading in these carpets was much sought after for its elegant rich colors.

With its diamond shaped medallion and the field rich with flowers and branches of trees the red and blue classic carpets never lost its mark in the international or local markets.

Kazak A
Kazak B
Kazak C
Kazak D
Kazak E
Kazak F
Kazak G
Kelim Patchwork

A large Tribe spread over much of Western Iran from South to North across mountains and terrains and all the way up to the Caucasus and into Turkey.

The carpets made in Luristan as they are known have a wide variety of patterns with coarser weave tightly packed knots with amazing designs from a Tree of Life to a geometric pattern with Caucasian latch hook which shows the merging of many tribes people bringing their knowledge and expertise across this whole region.

Mei-Meh B
Mei-Meh C
Meshad A
Meshed B
New Persian Large Pieces
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Old Bijar
Old Fine Isfahan
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Old Fine Isfahan 1
Old Floral Bijar
Old Gabbeh A
Old Gabbeh B
Old Gabbeh C
Old Hamadan Ingles
Old Heriz
Old Malayer
Old Mei-Meh
Old Nahavand A
Old Nahavand B
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Old Qum Silk 1
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Old Qum Silk 2
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Old Veramin
Patchworks A
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Patchworks C
Patchworks D
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Rare & Unique "Rainbow Senneh" Circa 1880.


So called Rainbow Senneh as they has 5-8 multi coloured silk warps as their fringes.

Saddle Bag A
Saddle Bag B
Saddle Bag C
Saddle Bag D
Saddle Bag F
Saddle Bag G
Saddle Bag H
Saddle Bag I
Saddle Bag J
Saddle Bag K
Saddle Bag L
Saddle Bag M
Saddle Bag N
Saddle Bag O
Saddle Bag P
Saddle Bag Q
Saddle Bag R
Saddle Bag S
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Semi Antique Fine Hereke 1
Semi-Antique Kashan
Semi-Antique Malayer
Silk Hereke Turkey
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Silk Qum
Vintage Collection A
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