Kashan II

One of the best weavers before the second world war came from here and is well known for it fine carpets for many hundreds of years. Recognized the world over as many of them were exported to US and Europe and trading in these carpets was much sought after for its elegant rich colors.

With its diamond shaped medallion and the field rich with flowers and branches of trees the red and blue classic carpets never lost its mark in the international or local markets.

There were many weavers who travelled from Kashan to other places bringing their expertise and knowledge of the art of dyeing and helped propel other city’s and villages to increase their production and fineness of the knots to a revolution of colors to bring them into the 20th century (then).

Red and Blue fields were the most common and for royalty many of them had a plain centre with an elaborate design on the border which would make the centre medallion stand out which his why they were called the Royal Kashans.

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